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“Education is the Key to Success.” This phrase is very popular in many school across Kenya, and it’s very true that in a world that technology is taking over everything, without education it’s becoming very hard to make it life. Unfortunately, many children are not not because they families are not to pay school fees and or cater for school needs.

A review report of education data by Nation Newsplex and the Institute of Economic Affairs published by the Daily Nation newspaper of March 2nd 2016 denotes that 6 out of 10 students who join Grade One (primary school) drop out before reaching Grade Twelve (O-level) in Kenya. This translates to a 60% loss of the country’s potential skilled labor force every year.

What this means is that, all the drop outs together with the number that never enrolled at all are likely to struggle in life and most likely pass the same to their offsprings. The main issue for the drop out is poverty; lack of school fees, school equipment and supplies, insufficient schools among other things. We have a problem but we also have a solution. Fichua Somo Scholarship Fund is our initiative to help us tackle this problem. We look for donors to sponsor (a) child(ren) school to enable them study.

You can be one of our sponsors today. Can’t you? let’s know.

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