Rise To Uplift Inequality

One of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is to end inequality among genders. SDG 5 promote gender equality in various spheres of engagements, both in public and private. Issues like equal pay among men between men and women, education opportunities, employment, etc are yet to be realized in many many countries, but the most affected nations are still found in Africa.

There is therefore a need for a continuous and intentional efforts towards transforming this problem. Many women in many parts of the developing world still see women as weaker and unequal partners in almost everything. such thought and sentiments have resulted in women lugging behind in many developmental agendas.

We are glad that Kenya is one of the countries that has constitutional provision that makes sure women and girls do not continue being discriminated, humiliated, and denied opportunities because their gender. The Tow Third Gender Rule makes sure that the government provides and reserves a number of leadership positions and roles for women, and (youth). For example, the provision of the County Women Representation is a brillianrt idea that ensures the issues of women are addressed in the legislature.

We rise to uplift inequality by organizing, running programs ,and or promoting reforms, and campaigns. We are asking you to please register and let us work together.

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