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It’s our mission to inspire and help people reduce their poverty and transform their lives and communities by running a huge number of helpful campaigns to make it essential.

Fight Poverty
Programs & Services

Provides nutritious food, wholesome food, funds, and vocational training to people suffering from lack of it.

Family & Community

Support to families, children, young people, volunteers, refugees, migrants and other individuals with special circumstances.


Keep children getting a good education, including tutoring programs, scholarships, learning spaces, computer training.
About us

Welcome to the Sortedlife Group

The Sortedlife Group envisions a thriving and connected community, one in which all of its members have dependable access to resources that enrich and empower lives. A community where all of its members feel they can belong, one in which everyone has a chance to both contribute and receive. A community where everyone can feel fulfilled by their involvement.

2023 fundraiser champions for Socio-Economic justice

Help raise $30,000 for the community of Kathama, Chakama

The Sortedlife Group is hosting an event to educate our community about the services we provide and our foundational Family Support Principles.
We will highlight voices and stories from community members impacted by The Sortedlife Group.

We will also have a keynote speaker discussing social and economic equity and its impact on individuals and community outcomes.

Our keynote speaker will be providing a deeper dive on the discussion of social equity with a series that will follow our event in the winter of 2024.

How we help

Give a future full
of choices

Every child deserves a healthy start

Provide FREE services to check healthcare and prescribe basic resources like food and medical. 

They do medication and refer patients to a program just as they do any other specialty and improve health to people who are seeking medical care. 

Krista’s Climb for a Cause

Make learning possible for children who are all ages, from kindergarten to high school and adults also. 

Provide learning vocational training, educational opportunities that help adults improve their education, and catch up with modern life. 

Being Realistic With Your Goals

Enhance children protection system to dealing with the prevention of child abuse in general, anti-bullying or prevention of child sexual abuse.

Ensuring children live in a supportive family environment, full educational learning, access to justice and protection from violence, abuse and exploitation.

We always see hope

Provide exceptional healthcare, foods & funds to support victims in natural or pandemic disaster, war, …

Offer free of charge, high quality medical treatment and surgical care for people.

It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow you get rid of everything that is not essential to makihave to get bad.
We need your help.

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Volunteer Positions Available


Staff and volunteers to serve in our programs


Of staff and volunteers in our organization are locals


Invested in all our programs since the year 2019


Invested in all our programs since the year 2019

“Our life has become easy since piped water was brought closer to us.”

 Zawadi & Jumwa, Community Children, Kilifi, Kenya.

Who we are

Make a Difference

Figure out what Sortedlife Group are most deserving of your dollars, what proactive missions are. 

Sponsor A Child's Education

For just $50 per month, you can keep a child in school through our Fichua Somo Program. Your sponsorship will provide tuition, breakfast and lunch, writing materials, shoes, school trips, and medical care.

Click below to start sponsoring one today.

Locals For Locals

A group of donors cover our operating costs so 100% of your money can fund projects.

Real Impact

Sortedlife Group gives real impact that operating costs so 100% of your money can fund projects.

Safety Net

A safety network lets your donations and funds guarantee a safe way network and public

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    how we spend our income

    Committed to Transparency

    90% of our total operating expenses fund programs for children, and young people in the we we serve. So when you make a monthly gift or donation to our organization, the majority of your dollars go toward exactly what you intended – supporting needy and vulnerable children, young people, and women out poverty.

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    Kilifi Mission and Transformation Centre, Kathama
    628 Chakama Phase 2, Malindi – Salagate/Tsavo Road.
    P.O. Box 2020 – 80200 Malindi, Kilifi County, Kenya



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