Let’s Commit To Reduce Poverty

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1 is about ending poverty! Yet, poverty remains the dominant hindrance to developing nations all over the world. Poverty robs people of their dignity, self-confidence, dreams, aspirations, health, and generally anything. half f Africa leaves below a dollar per day. This means most families can’t afford even the very basic needs like food, decent shelter, and clothing. Due to this, some agencies are taking advantage of the poor, exploiting them, robbing them of their resources, abusing their rights, and denying them the opportunity to be what they can be.

Our work attempts to create a different story in every place we work. Our initiatives and programs are all geared to empower individuals and communities to be able to make a long-lasting impact. Among what we do to fundraise is organize capacity building, fun, and motivational events that bring out our shared responsibility of making our communities better. We, therefore, ask our friends, wellwishers, donors, and supporters to help us make

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