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Sortedlife Group creates possibilities for everyone to support needy and vulnerable people in rural and under-served communities. We provide information that makes it easier and safer for supporters to offer communities and individuals the tools, training, and all the necessary support they need to transform their lives and become better.

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Delivering Solutions For The Rural Needy Communities

Harnessing Economic Empowerment for Rural Prosperity

In rural areas, economic empowerment is not merely a concept; it is the cornerstone of sustainable development and prosperity. Empowering rural dwellers economically not only uplifts individual livelihoods but also fuels community growth, driving progress from the grassroots level upwards.

The Social Sector

Committed to our core value of C.R.E.A.T.E, we’re always conducting and sharing research with our peers and our partners in order to increase giving and nonprofit effectiveness around our communities.

The Next Generation

Because of our vision for the future, we create simple, easy, safe, and exciting opportunities for people to invest in and save for their children's security well-being, through SACCOs, Business, and other viable avenues.


What Our Community Members Say

It’s through creating opportunities and making possibilities to the less privileged that we actually get to help them renew and transform their lives for the better.

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