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General Questions

 Sortedlife Group is a developmental organization. We have various services that you can outsource from us, for example, Public Address System, Event Organization and Management, Video and Photography, Mceeing, Fundraising and Resource Mobilization, Bead Work, etc. Please call or email us for more information and quotation.

Yes. Sortedlife Group appreciates your acts kindness and support. We give you several options to donate to us. If you want to donate anonymously, its okay, go head and we will really appreciate. 

We are always happy to have you as our supporter and partner, in that we do not like seeing you cancel your support to us. However we understand that circumstances and interests change by time, and therefore if you must cancel, we appreciate you so much and wish you all the best in your future endeavor, and offer you seamless cancellation. Please reach us by call or email and we will quickly cancel your recurring donation.

Yes. Sortedlife Group’s data and privacy policy ensures that your data remains safe and secure throughout.

Other Questions

Unfortunately, at this time, Sortedlife Group does not offer funds or materials to individuals. Instead, we offer a one-on-one mentorship on money generating ventures. We may also offer funds or loans to our legible SACCO members for education, hospital, and business expansion purposes.

Yes, Sortedlife Group offers sponsorship opportunity to bright, and promising needy students. Our sponsorship program starts from 3 years old to Secondary Education. You may find more information from our programs section.

Sortedlife Group’s uniqueness comes in that we are a continental organization operating locally as a community organization. We make sure that majority of our senior staff are members of the particular community we work in so that we better understand the challenges facing members and opportunities available for improvements. Secondly, we are people or relationship centered rather than programs centered organization. 

Still Need Help

We enjoy offering conclusive help and services to our friends and members. If you still need help, please let us know through any of the channels below.


We have community forums where we allow our members, the public and partners to discuss about all the initiatives, services, and programs we offer our communities, and improve where need be, or appreciate where we are doing well. Feel free to contribute as much as you have to.

Call Support

Do you feel stuck still, we are always ready to speak to you and offer more support about our organization, initiatives, programs, supporting and partnering with us, etc.
Give us a call now.

Chat with Us

Please feel free to chat with us about your concern, question or whatever. Our support team will attend to you as soon as possible and as appropriate as they can be.