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We Help Communities to Come out of Poverty


Our mission is to inspire transformation through faith shared in words and action; while trying to use locally available resources and expertise.


Our vision is to have concerned majority, informed individuals, empowered communities, and transformed societies, free from poverty, diseases, and ignorance.


We are Courageous

We work in and among some of the hardest places and people; braving the harsh environmental conditions to transform lives and communities.

We are Revolutionary

We think and act fast towards positive transformation of people, communities and the African continent.

We are Enthusiastic

We enjoy working with the less fortunate, the poor, the vulnerable, and the under-served communities, to see their lives improve holistically.

We are Accommodative

We are always ready and willing to fit in with other’s cultures and or needs and to offer the best support we can.

We are Tactful

We know how to identify, analyse, and deal with challenges and difficult situations amicably.

We are Enduring

We work in hard places with diverse challenges and people until we realize positive impacts and long lasting transformation.

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+254 712 247 730
Kilifi Mission and Transformation Centre, Kathama
628 Chakama Phase 2, Malindi – Salagate/Tsavo Road.
P.O. Box 2020 – 80200 Malindi, Kilifi County, Kenya



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