Keeping Children Engaged Positively After School

Children playing drums
Children learning how to play musical instruments after school session

Being born in remote rural and or low income settlements means having no or very little social amenities. This also means the chances of getting involved in antisocial activities is very high, especially if you don’t have a caring support system.

This is what many children in Kilifi County, where we work go through.

The coastal region, which includes Kilifi County where we work, is among the poorest regions in Kenya due to various natural phenomenal and human causes like drought, and illiteracy respectively. Most parts of the coastal region is under the arid and semi arid lands (ASAL); receiving very little rains. This often leads to hunger and starvation for both human and animals, diseases, hostility, and crimes such as child tracking, child labor, early and or forced marriages, unplanned pregnancies, drugs and substance abuse, gender based violence, to name a few.

Due to the above, care givers, which in most cares are single mothers, are always busy with trying to find the very basic needs like food. This is normally from casual jobs, charcoal burning, firewood cutting, selling local brew known as Mnazi, taking care of animals and even prostitution.

We have therefore introduced after school and weekend children’s club known as Sortedlife Kids Club, to help keep the children safe and less stressed. The club gives them the opportunity to learn life skills, make meaningful friendships, do there home work, explore, discover and develop their talents, among other positive things, that develop them.

We are glad that we can confidently and happily announce very positive and encouraging reports since started this program. Our desire and objective is to welcome and accommodate many more children and to see them become transformational leaders of their communities in the next 10 years or so.

This desire may however be dwarfed by lack of resources. These children need mentors, learning materials and equipment, and food to keep them positively engaged. And all these have financial implication. Our appeal to you is to help us support our children by donating either in cash or in kind to our Sortedlife Kids Club. We need sports and music equipment, reading and writing materials, clothing, bedding, toys, bags, shoes, and finances to buy food and pay the children workers.

The club currently have over 100 children and 5 workers, who work on a volunteer basis, whoever we would love to appreciate their time as they are locals and also need to support their families.

To support this vital work of the ministry with your time, expertise, or a financial contribution, please contact The Rev. Bantu at or simply donate online.

Your gift can achieve;

  • $20 will keep a child catered for fully in the club 1 month.
  • $65 will take a child for a one week camp during school holiday.
  • A one-off gift of $150, or regular gift of $30 per month will go toward in-person training sessions for children, youth and family support teams and includes training workbooks and supporting audio-visual materials.